Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Cop

The Cop was another 2-date wonder.  We met on POF and had a series of nice emails and a couple of phone conversations.  Our first date was at Luka's in Oakland and it was surprisingly good!  He was on-time, good looking, chivalrous (even brushed the crumbs off my seat for me!), and we had good conversation.  Here I was thinking my bad streak was over... not so fast Princess!  Red flag #1: One night sometime between date #1 and #2 I had a question for him and since it was getting a little late I emailed instead of calling to make sure I didn't wake him up.  "You up?"  I said.  I didn't get an email back, but what I did get was a frantic phone call at 5am wondering if I was ok.  Uhhh, yah.  I'm ok... other than now being pissed at you for waking me up!  Who calls at 5am???

Anyway, we decided to go to One Market in San Francisco for our second date.  We had definitely had a decent time and I keep hearing that your second date never lives up to your first, so I was keeping an open mind.  There were a few red flags...  While I realize that police officers carry their guns with them at all times and are trained to do so, there's a difference between having that knowledge, and having it staring you in the face for your entire date.  Put a coat on or something for christsakes!  Red flag #2: Maybe he was nervous but dude would NOT STOP talking about himself :-(  Maybe ask me one question... just ONE for the love!  Red flag #3: I noticed that he was the kind of guy who is more interested in watching others' reactions to us (he's black, I'm white) than being in the moment together...  "Oh, that guy just gave me a look" OR "Those girls were pissed to see us together".  A little sad that in this day and age (and especially in the bay area) that some people still have hang-ups about interracial couples (especially when it's one of the couple members!).  

With all of that said, I was still willing to give the guy a chance to redeem himself so I sent him an email the next day thanking him again for dinner, saying that I'd had a nice time, and hoping that he made it home safe.  He responded that he didn't "know what we're doing" and that he didn't want to be another one of my "dating statistics".  I've got three words for you... PUMP.  YOUR.  BRAKES.  Seriously, does anyone really know "what we're doing here" after two dates?  Um... don't think you can find that guy.  Anyway, I emailed him back saying that I didn't think that I could give him the commitment that he was looking for as quickly as he wanted it.  *Sigh*  I thought all the guys here were commitment-phobic, NOT the other way around :-(

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